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Downloading the Yoast SEO premium free lifetime WordPress plugin gives you access to all of its features, including Premium mode and the ability to focus on five keyphrases, without the requirement for activation or a monthly subscription.

The Yoast SEO premium is different from the free version in that the premium version has access to many capabilities that the free version just doesn’t, resulting in the need for the pro version.

Yoast SEO Pro should also already be enabled, and I have been using it on all of my sites. In my opinion, Yoast Pro is better than certain other SEO plugins.

For additional keywords, you can add more keyword phrases, optional on Yoast SEO pro, but in the free version, you can only set one keyword, that’s why Yoast SEO premium is great.

I will answer some of the questions about the Yoast SEO premium plugin:-

Does Yoast SEO Really Work?

In short, the answer is yes, According to my observations, the Yoast SEO plugin is operating well and hundreds of publishers have already installed it. However, following installation, you must set up the plugin before it can function, so make sure to follow the setup wizard’s instructions.

What does Yoast SEO Premium do?

There are several features available in Yoast SEO Pro, including Content Score, the option to add up to four keywords, Link Redirect, Social Media Sharing, Keyword Research, Word Reader, Get All Access Course, Workout Feature, Readability, Scheme Structure, and more.

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it?

yes, because it has many strong features that other plugin doesn’t have you can get updated regularly for every version release you will be notified.

All SEO plugins they different from Yoast SEO pro, you have to download and installed them on your WordPress website you will start seeing a change immediately.

What is the difference between Yoast SEO free and premium?

the difference is clear, the premium version has many features enable, while the free version doesn’t have them enabled, in this case, you better install the premium version.

How to use Yoast SEO?

The installation is complete after you access this page, click the download link below, and then unzip the file using WinRAR or any program you have on your computer. After that, go into your WordPress dashboard, click Add Plugins, choose to upload the Yoast Premium version, and then activate.

The wizard will then lead you through adding your logo, and social network accounts, choosing one person to blog for, choosing blogs, and finishing the process.

How to get Yoast SEO premium for free?

Watch our previous video tutorial.

You can get the Yoast SEO premium plugin for a lifetime on this page, is working fine no need for a subscription is already activated by ngbaze.

Note that: this plugin is tested by me ngbaze and we are using it on all blogs and websites, you too can install and enjoy


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