Winra1n Windows For iOS 15- for iOS 17 Download


Winra1n is for jailbreaking Apple products from iOS 15 to 17 it’s working on Windows and there are a lot of features that you may select during the jailbreak of iPhone or iPad smartphones.

Well, once you jailbreak your iPhone device you can bypass the cloud lock and open the menu or fmi off using a premium tool such as unlocktool or frp file free tool.

Previously, if your iPhone device is running iOS 14 or below you could jailbreak the device using normal checkra1n os version 12,4, but you need to understand something jailbroke iPhone has many risks you may lose the warranty and some Apple company support.

however, the winra1n jailbreak application contains all the latest versions that you can use to jailbreak the iPad or iPod but you need to ensure you have installed the Apple USB driver on your PC.

The winra1n jailbreak is used to remove the icloud activation lock on all iDevices and there are any chekcra1n os in our blog that we have posted “uhumm” you can download and use it to check Checkra1n Windows 0.12.4 iOS Free Download Windows 11,10

As I said using winra1n software is good because is manually no need to turn off your PC or make a bootable disk driver, once you have downloaded you can launch it quickly.


Main Features of winra1n in one list

  • once you have downloaded you’ll able to launch it no need for flash driver.
  • Jailbreak the iPhone and iPad ios 17 with checkm 8
  • checkra1n latest version included
  • iCloud bypass and using a premium tool
  • iOS 16 and 17 supported CPU A11
  • Quick and fast jailbreaking

The benefit of using Winra1n Windows

well, if you want to jailbreak the iPhone because of some app not working yes winra1n app can help you with just a few clicks you’re done, but if your iOS device is old with an old version use checkra1n os is better in that way.

Therefore, no need to pay for a premium tool to unlock your iPhone because I have provided the iCloud Lock Activation Removal [Odin Pro] Free Download it’s free no need to pay any amount.

also, you need to follow the guide on how to use winra1n software to avoid facing challenges and ensure you have turned off Windows Defender because of false notifications or corrupt.

How to use Winra1n Windows?

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winra1n Windows

Step 1 Download the whole zip folder of the winra1n application.

Step 2. You can extract to specific folder you want or you can launch it directly.

step 3. Once you have launched it, create a connection between the iPhone you want to jailbreak and the PC.

But if you are facing an error in the iPhone not detecting so I suggest you update the driver or install it and then install the newest version on your computer Windows, another thing is sometimes the error is from the data cable, find a better USB data cable.

However, some iPhone has an issue with the USB port you need to check everything apart from the USB cable and port because that is what causes the iPhone not to detect on your PC.

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