Windows 11 Download And Install ISO PC Pre Activated(64-bit) Free Download

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Windows 11 iso file pre-activated Free download and install for computer has a release date after long waiting Microsoft has released the complete iso files. Still, it’s not available everywhere, so china releases the leaked iso file so you can install the windows 11 iso on your pc; another option you can run the windows 11 iso on a virtual environment.

Microsoft Windows 11 64 bit build 21999.1 comes with a significant user interface change codename sun valley; as we know, a substantial portion of UX change will be borrowed from windows 10x shell, and windows 10x are not coming to market in 2021.

We got a windows 11 release date leaked from the china forum. It has 99 features; while Microsoft has released the original windows 11, not all countries download the win 11 ios. Still, now you can download the windows 11 free is also activated free for all users.


The windows 11 build 21996.1 is easy to install on your computer precisely with windows 10, and you need to have a bit of free storage before installing windows 11 on your machine pc.

The main feature of Windows 11 is faster than windows 11 new look graphics. New features also add from a game mode with a new menu interface UX design, more immediate security, and protection from viruses and bugs.

Windows 11 Pro comes with a new strong windows defender with a new option and excellent strong protection from new viruses and some trojan with ransomware virus and more…

If you were using win 10, love windows 11, then download and install on your machine without activation, start enjoy.

You must know about windows 11 build 2996.1 iso is all in one is contains selectable, Windows home, windows home N, Windows home single language, windows education, windows pro, windows pro for workstation, windows education, windows education N, and more…


New UX look. Faster than win 10.New security windows defender.All in one iso file.New Design UX graphics.New wallpaper with an icon. Start action key in the center. Windows 11 all in one iso free download.Windows 11 pre-activated.




Ensure your computer reaches the minimum requirement before installing Windows 11 build 21996 pre-activated iso-supported laptop and desktop for all users.

  • 1. Download win 11 iso.
  • 2. find a USB flash drive.
  • 3. Download Rufus bootable software.
  • 4. burn iso with Rufus.
  • 5. power off the computer, laptop, and desktop.
  • 6. if you are using an HP device, press the F9 to Boot option select flash drive for win 11.
  • 7. follow the instruction steps.
  • 8. done enjoy.


Processor 1GHz or faster with 2 more cores.Memory 4GB Ram.Graphics card Directx 12 Compatible graphic/WDDM 2.x /Storage 64GB or larger storage device.System firmware.UEFI secure boot is capable.Display >9″ with HD resolution (720p)TPM.2.0Internet connection, Microsoft conectivity.


windows 11 iso file pre activated

Full iso size 4.4GB

Updated Today.

Windows 11 64 Bit.

Free Download.


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