Why My Phone Can’t Do Pictures To Video On Tiktok?

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Top 6 Reasons Why your phone can’t do pictures to video on TikTok old apk  Working As It Should.TikTok generally has these features; uploading texts and pictures on your phones, changing the background of your videos, and lots more.

But your phone seems not to be able to add images and texts to your video. Some possible scenarios have shown why a smartphone can’t take photos to videos on TikTok. Read carefully; one of these might be what is wrong with your phone or the app on your phone.

1. Check your network connection: The network connection in your present location might be the reason your phone can’t add pictures to video on TikTok.

The app doesn’t run without a fast internet connection. To resolve this, check if your internet connection is not disrupted or not too slow. If any of these happens, wait till you have a stable network connection.

2. Uninstall and re-install your TikTok Apk old: You should try to uninstall your TikTok app whenever this problem arises. To uninstall, go to play store,

search for the TikTok app, click on it, and then click on the uninstall button. Try to install it again, and a new updated version will be on your phone. Try using it to do the above task afterward.


3. Permission denied: You might have rejected the app from accessing the photos and videos on your phone. To correct this, ensure that your TikTok app has access to the media on your phone. Go to your home screen and see if there is still the same problem you encountered before.

4. Update the TikTok app: often updates the app and adds some things which the old one did not have. Your current TikTok app might have been outdated. To correct this, go to the play store, search for the TikTok app, click on it. If there is a new version, it will show the update button.

Click on it and then wait for the app to get updated. Try using the app afterward, explore the new features they might have added.

5. Reboot your phone: Try restarting your phone. Your smartphone’s memory might be too full, and it probably needs some rest. When the phone is back on, try using the app again. If it still has the same problem, then try any of the above remedies.

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How To Add Pictures To a video on tiktok guide.

6. Clear cache: follow these steps to clear the cache.
– Go to your phone settings
– Click on apps and notifications
– click on manage apps, app info, or see all apps
– search for TikTok and click on it
– Click on storage and cache
– then clear cache
– Click on Force Stop to close the app
– go to your home screen and try using the app afterward.





maybe you didn’t know Why my phone can’t do pictures to video on tiktok. The scenarios listed above might not be the problem; you might not know how to add photos to videos on TikTok. See the easy ways to add pictures to videos on TikTok in the next post. also, read TikTok MOD APK Unlimited Likes And Followers.

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