VG Tool MTK Qualcomm FRP Bypass [Free Get it Now]


VG tool Windows software with keygen included is a free download, using it you’ll able to unlock factory reset protection frp lock bypass also you can fix all gsm software issues, especially frp lock, MDM lock, Huawei account, and many more.

The tool works on all Android devices with both chipsets such as Mediatek and Qualcomm, speedrum includes some features for phones, and you can bypass the vivo account lock using the Vg tool with few clicks.

However, the VG tool is very powerful you can fix or unlock any Android version from 12 to 13 but another thing you need to know Is that you can fix the Qualcomm chipset because there are some devices out there if you can unlock the phones all but ensure you have install required USB drivers.

Therefore, even the mtk Android devices you can remove locks such as pin lock, password, and pattern, and include some minor account locks on some China devices, you may check some free tools SPD Flash Tool Mobile Software Helper 2024 [Get Now]

So many features on vg tool that you may love to work with but most require USB drivers it’s very important to install the latest USB drivers on your PC before beginning to use the VG tool. check the list below.

Main Features list of VG tool

  • Frp Lock removal.
  • Stock firmware writing
  • Fix MDM lock
  • unlock screen locks
  • all Android support.
  • Samsung frp lock bypass
  • Fastboot & ADB support
  • Sideload features.
  • and much more.

Benefits of using VG tool

once you have downloaded the vg tool you can start services and remove all locks on the smartphones also you don’t need to pay for activation because the tool is free.

Another benefit is that once you activate no need to re-activate you can use it for a lifetime also don’t forget to turn off Windows Defender before beginning to launch it.

yes, in our blog we have many free and premium unlocking tools check some Unlocktool 12 Months Activation Price (360 days) Quick Deliver but you may love free one premium is greater.

How to install and Use Vg Tool Frp bypass?

Well, once you have downloaded both the zip file VG tool setup, and keygen If you like you can extract the setup to a specific desktop folder using Winrar program locate the application setup launch it, and then open the keygen to generate the activation key, if you don’t understand I’ll provide the video for activation.

watching video tutorials is very important to newbies, but I suggest you read the instructions before watching the video, now check out some free unlocking tools Samsung KG Unlock Tool Free Download

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Important explanation about frp bypass

Before you launch the main application you need to turn off Windows Defender or anti-virus to avoid corrupt or false notifications, normally majority of free unlocking software has small malware so be safe there, once you have installed the software you can turn on the anti-virus for protections.

Download information and Links.

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Size 600 Mb.

Without password.


Latest version.

VG Tool Setup Zip KEYGEN ZIP


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