Tecno Pop 8 BG6 Hard Reset [How to’s Guide] New method


in this post, I will explain how you can hard reset the tecno Pop 8 bg6 smartphone with step-by-step instructions, you have read the whole guide, so you’ll not face any challenges during the process.

The tecno pop 8 Bg6 specification, 4GB RAM, and 128GB ROM, also come with higher durability 90Hz CPU capacity, battery 5000 mah long lasting, running Android 13 also supports fast charging.

Connectivity, Wifi, OTG, USB Type C, with modern 4G network connectivity, other side it supports dual SIM cards, with micro sd cards.

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Tecno Pop 8 bg6 hard reset instructions

Step 1. Turn off the tecno pop 8 bg6 devices, then let’s start the hard resetting process, ensure you follow the guide to remove any screen lock using my method, I face the same issue that’s why I provided the solution that works for me, I hope the method works for you.

tecno pop 6 hard reset (2)

Let’s move to Step 2. After you have turned off the phone, hold the volume down key + power key, once the Android logo appears release the keys immediately and re-hold the volume key until the recovery option shows, then select factory reset.

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What’s the benefit of hard resetting?

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both soft reset and hard reset are good, but using a hard reset method helps you to fix or remove any issue such as pin lock, or password lock, also you will fix some bugs or viruses using hard reset on your tecno pop 8, like if you want to reset your phone because is freezing you need to take backup of all your important document such as images, videos, and files, so after you have done you then restore them.

Two options to reset your Tecno Pop 8 smartphone.

  • Hard resetting
  • Soft resetting

How to take a backup of your file before resetting the tecno pop 8?

First of all, you need to use software called “backup and restore” out there online you will get many software for taking backup of your tecno pop 8 device, both premium and free.

however, I suggest you use an SD card to take a backup of all your data files also you can use a PC to store your files to prevent losing any important files.

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therefore, a hard reset is good if you are facing is issue of password lock and you forgot it, using a hard reset is mighty helpful but if your phone is freezing or corrupt using the method for a soft reset is great.

Taking a backup of your file during the soft reset on the tecno pop 8 smart device will help you to solve any freezing error or software failure.

i hope you make the hard reset of your tecno Pop 8 bg6 smartphone, feel free to support us by sharing our content around the social media thank you.