How to remove sora template footer credit tips.


How to remove sora templates cracked credit link is a popular and elegant, mobile-friendly, responsive, google Adsense  friendly, easy to customize, fast loading, google amp, SEO ready, colorfully,drag&drop, with full  options, unfortunately very hard to remove attribute [footer credit link]today am gonna show  you how to remove sora blogger template footer credit link without redirection step by step, you can download theme hint blogger template


before you start removing the footer credit link from any blogger template you need to know any blogger template it has a method of how to remove the footer credit link if you try to remove the footer link without replacing it with another code, it will cause redirection to the owner of the template website because is encrypted, I will list the tools you have to download then you can follow the instruction step by step here the list below. you get GutenVerse- magazine and blog theme free download.

Download any sora template like easy mag responsive here

Download a notepad++ software for editing code installs it on your pc.

Download a malzilla software unzip it to a folder.


following the instructions is good you will understand how to remove the blogger template footer

link without getting redirections to any website or owner blog…

1. Download a soratemplates template click here.

2. Download a notepad++ here.

3. Download a Malzilla exe zip file extract to a specific folder.

After downloading all these tools> extract the sora blogger template XML> import template XML

notepad++ software> after the XML imported > press key ctrl + F search this code [// main] you

find a decryption code> then copy the code all > open a malzilla then decode the code 8X> after


decode then edit it with your blog name and URL > then copy all the code> paste it below this

code> [// main] you have done.

if you don’t want any footer link to show you can just remove the code from the [container

copyright] remove it but note after all the above the process



1. Download any soratemplates. 2. Download the footer code here 3.edit the footer code to the one you have downloaded. replace with your blog title and URL for your blog 4.login your blogger dashboard. on the theme, upload the template XML 6. copy the encrypted code tex only 7. and then click on a theme. for them text you copy-paste it 9. copy the footer code then paste it save done. sora template credit link DOWNLOAD THE CODE HERE.


This tutorial is only supporting soratemplates blogger sora templates cracked cms template [theme] it won’t work for another cm…Before you upload another template make sure you have taken a backup to avoid issues…

This trick is only for educational purposes.

“if there is anything you don’t understand feel free to write a comment below I’ll help you”

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