Samsung FRP Bypass Tools 2022 By NKTEAM Free


in this post, you will discover the great Samsung FRP bypass tools By NKTEAM windows program, supported almost all Samsung series, without using any code.

The FRP tool is premium but I have provided it free here so everyone can download it, another thing, you don’t need to use *#0# code again.

Also, the Samsung FRP ( factory reset protection) is known as the google account verification protection after factory reset.

Almost, in some Samsung series, you find it challenging to remove FRP on it or bypass it, that’s why I provide the latest Samsung google account lock remover, no need to pay any money again.

especially if you’re paying for remote service, it’s time to stop because this Samsung tool is a special one that supports all devices.

For both, Qualcomm and MediaTek mobile Samsung devices, you can use the tool to bypass FRP through ADB and fastboot.

MTP mode Samsung FRP bypass support on the tool but you need to install the USB driver on the pc, ensure its latest version or you can install the USB driver that I have mentioned here.

Using, the Samsung FRP tool, you can install bypassing apk without using a chrome browser or any type of browser.

Let me make a list of some Samsung devices the tool suport , but the tool is support almost all samsung mobile.



first of all, you have to get the winrar program, secondly download the Samsung frp tool then unzip to specific desktop folder.

After that you have open the Samsung frp tool folder locate the setup , double clicks , launch the setup , write the Login password NKTEAMVIP.

Then connect the Samsung mobile devices start any service you want, but you have install USB driver before the PC can detect the mobile you cannected.


Well , there is new Samsung devices comes with latest android versions , such as android 11 and 12 include 13 , and most of them are not supporting *#0# code.

What you have to do is download this tool then launch it, if you have already  launch it create connection between PC and mobile device which Is samsung.

Then Use ufs cable, then locate the option for frp removal click on it , wait until the process done , i want to tell you something , Samsung product they always updating security features on every samsung devices.

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  1. Read info
  2. ADB support
  3. Fastboot supported
  4. FRP removal
  5. MTP bypassing
  6. Screeen Pin lock and password reset
  7. Kill update
  8. install apk


uploading soon…


Before you download the tool you have to know , ensure you have turn off anti virus also if your using an windows 10 you have switch off windows defender.

Setup size 28 Mb

Login password is NKTEAMVIP

Zip without password

Free Activated software



Once you have download the samsung frp bypass tools  you have extract to specific desktop folder and read the instructions if possible watch the video tutorial.

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