Samsung Android 12 FRP Bypass (Google Acoount Lock) 2024


Everything you need to know about Samsung Android 12 frp bypass Google account activation lock tips for prevention and Guide for unlocking both password, pin, and more.

Once your Samsung smartphone android 12 has google account activation and you didn’t remember the previous Gmail and password, you can’t activate the device until you provide the Gmail address with the password.

in this article, I will guide you on how to remove or bypass any Samsung android 12 frp lock (google account activation lock easily, I will mention some updated dongles and boxes that help to remove the frp lock on all Android 12 versions.

First of all, you need to know Samsung android 12 comes with new security features unlike android 11 and you need to upgrade your knowledge before you will be able to bypass the frp lock.

Here is a list of Samsung android 12 security improvement differences with the android 11 version including how you can prevent and unlock with the android application and flash tools.


List of Samsung smartphone Android 12 security improvements you need to know, unlike android 11 smartphones.

  • Password lock
  • Pin lock
  • face lock
  • fingerprint lock
  • Google account lock
  • and other improvements


First of all, if you forgot your Samsung android 12, here is what you can do, take time to remember the password, I mean don’t be rush take a long time like 24 hours to remember the password.

if you follow the above guide and you didn’t remember the password lock, then here another best way to remove the password but you’ll lose all you are data, especially music files, video, images, and documents,

Hardreseting is a simple way to remove password lock on the Samsung android 12 version but you have to read the above like for What you will lose, if you have use method for hard reset, let me show you how to do it…

Step 1. Power off the Samsung android 12

Step 2. Press Hold Two buttons keys Volume up + power button together for a while

Step 3. after the logo appear release all the keys

Step 4. after the android logo appear then wait for the recovery menu to select factory reset, that’s all.


You can follow the method for removing password the I have written above because the process is almost the same thing is all locked.

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but if you know using Flash tools such as Dongle or boxes, try Samsung Dongle which is called Sigma dongle it will help you unlock the Samsung android 12 version without losing any data files such as images, videos, music, recent call, apps, and documents.

Sigma Dongle is supporting almost all Samsung android versions it has many optional features for unlocking any type of security lock on Samsung android 12 and 11 below.


However. if your having difficulties with removing the google account activation lock after hard resetting what you have to do is read the whole instruction guide, but if necessary you can use sigma dongle to remove frp without getting it hard.

Here are some steps to bypass frp on Samsung android 12:

1. Power on the Samsung android 12

2. use easy Samsung frp tool to enter chrome browser or Samsung internet browser

3. after you have entered a browser try to search Quick shortcut maker apk download both with Mobile team frp patch apk, next install on the Samsung android 12

4. Try to use quick shortcut maker apk to enter settings go-to app management disable google play service app, go back to add a new account with your Gmail and password> after that go back and enable play service app, then remove all apps that you have to install quick shortcut maker and mobile team frp patch apk.

5. You have done started activating the Samsung android 12 device.



read the whole article is very important, also note the difference between the android 12 version and the android 11 version, Removing Samsung android 12 factories reset protection (frp lock) is very difficult but if you read the article I wrote you will gain a piece of knowledge and ensure you have installed Samsung USB driver properly in your PC.

Easy Samsung frp develops by easy firmware its help you to enter a chrome without using any sim card with the lock or using OTG USB, easily.

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