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The quick shortcut maker FRP bypass app,quickshortcutmaker apk allows you to search an application from the activities installed on your phone; even if so many applications are installed, you can choose an activity smoothly. You can also use it to bypass the google account activation lock.

You can use a quick shortcut to make an app for the search app you want to launch. From the application list, you wish to search, navigate the search option and write the application’s name; it will appear very fast.

While any application you have installed on your phone disappears on the main menu, a quick shortcut maker will help you locate it very quickly. A quick shortcut is a practical android application.

If you have an android phone with a google account activation verification lock [frp lock] and then you want to bypass it, a quick shortcut maker would help you do it quickly.

“am using a quick shortcut app to bypass the google account verification lock. I have bypassed many Android phones, especially New latest versions 11 and 10, which is very easy. Still, before you bypass a google account verification lock [frp bypass], you must check the battery charge to ensure 50%. Above.”


Find a hidden app.

Bypass FRP lock on 11 to 10.

  • fixes hidden app issues.
  • Search android application.
  • Send app report.


shortcut maker

If you’re new to using a quick shortcut app, ensure you read the whole instruction and watch the video tutorial so you can understand the function of the fast shortcut app. Another thing about a quick shortcut make is for android.


Ensure you follow the instructions steps to learn about the quick shortcut apk to benefit from it before using it on any Android smartphone.

  • Step 1. Download install the quick shortcut maker FRP bypass app on Android
  • step 2. after installation, launch the shortcut maker frp bypass app.
  • Step 3. Select an activity, edit, and create.
  • Step 4. Shortcut maker apk will create a shortcut on the home.



For those looking for another Google account verification activation lock bypass method, you can use an alternative by using the mobile team frp app, including Quick Shortcut Maker, because it almost supports all Android phones, especially Samsung and Huawei. Still, primarily mobile team app is straightforward to bypass the FRP lock on Samsung smartphones.

And if you want software for resetting Samsung mobile Google account activation verification is locked, factory reset protection lock reset, and you can use the easy tool here.

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Another thing about resetting the Huawei Google account activation verification lock, FRP lock reset, and factory reset protection lock is that you can use software called the all-in-one FRP tool.

You can use the Quick Shortcut Maker app to bypass the factory reset protection on all the latest Android versions, but with that method, you need premium flash tools before you are able to remove the FRP lock, these are best premium tool , unlocktool or hydra dongle you can use any you have as well.


First of all, Download a quick shortcut maker via Chrome browser on the FRP lock android device

Secondly, install it on the device which is lock

Nextly, after you have successfully installed click open, navigate to the application

then, click the settings, after you have seen it, scroll down a little bit, tap, security, and add a pattern or pin after you have that you have done it.

Congrats you have successfully bypassed the FRP lock.

if yet you don’t understand how you can do it please watch a video tutorial.


A quick shortcut maker apk frp bypass tool supports android smartphones only. Ensure your Android device has a better percentage of 50% above.

Don’t install the quickshortcutmaker apk on an android device that has a virus or bugs, or is corrupted.


quickshortcutmaker apk

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Free app.

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