Nokia 3.4 Recovery Mode Not Working Solution

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On this page, I’ll show you how to fix Nokia 3.4 Recovery Mode Not Working hard reset and alternative techniques for hard resetting through recovery step by step.

Many people have asked why Nokia 3.4 does not support a hard reset, thus I’d like to provide the way for getting Nokia 3.4 out of recovery mode.

The Nokia 3.4 5G’s secure recovery mode prevents the phone from being reset after it has been stolen or being used illegally in any way.

To remove the recovery secure, you’ll need the newest HMD firmware for Nokia 3.4, as well as a flash tool for writing, and make sure you’re familiar with mobile service software; if you make a mistake, your device will stop working.


As I previously stated, if you want to reset your Nokia mobile device, you must first check the instruction manual to ensure that the phone battery has a charge of at least 50%.

The next step is to use a micro USB cable to boot the device into recovery mode, then select fastboot mode. To reset the device, use the TFP tool to fix Nokia 3.4 recovery mode not working or the tool I mentioned earlier.


  • Find a good micro USB cable.
  • connect between PC and Nokia 3.4.
  • before you connect the USB cable on Nokia 3.4 press the hold the volume key up.
  • next, after the android logo appears release the key.
  • select factory data wipe. wait until done.
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Nokia USB driver installs in your computer device.

TFT Nokia fastboot recovery tool for computers.


Read the whole article because you will understand how you can enter Nokia recovery without having an issue also try to download the important flash tool that I recommend.

Don’t write the wrong firmware on your Nokia 3.4 smartphone it will make it not power on also not charge. also don’t use the wrong flash tool to flash Nokia 3.4 with it.

feel free to share this post and feel free to let me know if this solution work on your Nokia 3.4 smartphone in the comment section below thank you.

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