iPad Mini A1432 iCloud Bypass Lock Removal Method 2024


Because checkra1n jailbreaking update version and old does not support checkra1n jailbreaking update version and old, iPad mini a1432 and 1432 icloud lock bypass activation hardware technique is used.

The best way for bypassing the iPad Mini is hardware with software. Before you begin, you must first dismantle an iPad Mini device. If you do not know how to disassemble an iPad Mini device, you can hire a professional to do so for you.

Why is it necessary to disassemble the iPad Mini 1 a1432? if you don’t disassemble the device, you won’t be able to remove the resistor that will allow you to bypass the iCloud lock.

The ipws firmware is important for eliminating icloud lock, and you may get it from Apple’s official website to ensure you have the most recent version.

After removing the resistors 1205 and 1204 from the iPad mini one device’s motherboard, as I previously stated, do not attempt if you are unfamiliar with mobile phone hardware servicing.


To remove bypass icloud lock on iPad mini with software method, first download ipws firmware with 3utool both then install 3utool program on your computer, after that launch the 3utools navigate to flash mode load the ipws file click full flash wait until the task is done.

after the writing ipsw file is done, the iPad automatically will power on itself to the hello screen start activating the iPad mini one device follow the screen instruction step ensure you have connected with wifi service.


Removing the icloud on iPad mini one A1432 isn’t easy using both methods hardware or software but if your iPad mini is running ios 12 or 14 you will be able to jailbreak with checkrain, you can check the checkra1n os we have to provide in our blog.


  1. Checkra1n Windows 0.12.4 iOS Free Download.
  2. Checkra1n 0.12.3 iSO Download(iCloud Bypass) Windows.
  3. Checkrain For ios 14 icloud Lock Bypass Windows 2021.
  4. Checkra1n jailbreak 0.12.2 Windows 10 64-bit ISO Free Download.
  5. iCloud Checker Free Online iPhone,iPad Updated.
  6. Apple iOS 15 Beta Profile Download Without Developer Account.


Check above for checkra1n that supports ios from 12 to 14 also we have provided the free icloud bypass tool for free to download.

with the free icloud bypass tool you can bypass the hello screen activation lock without having issues if your iPad mini a1432 is not running ios version 12 or 14 the best method is hardware icloud bypass.

if your iPad mini is running ios 9.3.5 try the hardware method to bypass the icloud activation lock but ensure you have watched the video tutorial we have provided below.



Try to remove icloud lock with the software method or hardware method ensure you have charged the device 50 percent above, try to indicate the resistor that you can remove for the hardware process, watch the instruction guide.

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