iCloud Download For Windows Without Microsoft Store (64-Bit)

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Have you been looking for an iCloud download for windows 11, 10, 8, and 7? In this article, you will get it with one click without using a Microsoft store.

With iCloud download windows, you can access photos, Doccument, Videos, mail, calender, files, and other important information on your PC.

Also, you can upload any file using cloud download software once you have logged in with your apple Id username and password.

After you have logged in successfully, you can access all your files on iCloud cloud storage; another thing to consider is that apple cloud storage has a limit.

If you want to download all the files you have to keep in apple iCloud, using the software is easy to access via PC, even if you don’t have a Mac book.

The iCloud download is for windows, and you can download it offline and then install it on your machine (PC). Next, you have to log in. Also, you’ll be able to download any recent files.

Photos, a lot of time, you want to upload or download the images and pictures you have stored on iCloud on your computer, but you will get it hard,

but now, if you have installed the iCloud download windows, you will be able to get any file you want after you have stored it.

Like if you have stored a million photos, with the iCloud download, you can download them all without using iTunes software.

Videos, If you have some video recorded with your iPhone or iPad and you want to download them on your Windows PC, using cloud downloader software helps you to get them quickly.

Generally, Everyone wants to back up the video on his phone or PC to an apple iCloud secure place; after you have stored it, you will be able to get using iCloud download quickly.


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  • Download and install offline
  • Videos, quickly downloading
  • Photos, Quickly Downloading
  • Mail, Quickly you have received it 
  • Calendar, and file easy Get.


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Well, everyone knows apple product devices are not working correctly without an iCloud id, so if you want your apple smart device to function with all features, you must create an apple iCloud complete.

Then you have to login on cloud download software , start uploading the files or you can download the stored files quickly.

Support files list, Videos, photos, Document, Mail, calender , application, other important files and information.


As I said, the download link I have provided is a direct link no need to register a Microsoft account. You can get the software once you click the download button.

Step 1. Download iCloud setup, Then install on your PC; ensure you have little storage on the PC you want to install.

Step 2. after you have completed installation on your PC, you have to log in with your apple information, login apple id, and password.

Step 3. Next, after you have logged in successfully, you will be able to download any files and receive emails.




Size 110mb

Direct link

Without password

iCloud Software

On Microsoft


The iCloud download windows have supported all PCs and ensure you have created an apple id for login, but if you already have it, you can log in quickly.

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