How To Use Sp Flash Tool To Remove FRP Guide


if you have been searching for how to use the sp flash tool to remove frp in this article we have discovered all instructions and guide steps.

Removing frp lock with sp flash tool is easy, once your android with MediaTek chipset had frp lock, many methods and tools can allow you to remove frp including sp flash tool and other tools with different methods.

the first method is using an sp mobile tool because it’s a strong possibility to remove the frp lock without having errors or some minor issues like breaking, long booting, hanging on the logo, and so on.

to Reset Frp lock using the sp mobile tool you need to get scatter for your own android Mediatek chipset and exactly download an sp flash tool zip file complete.

Many methods can allow you to remove the frp lock even without using the sp flash tool and scatter files.

The second method is frp bypassing, well there are many ways to bypass frp lock without using a single flash tool on your mobile phone, you can use a popular tool which is called miracle box.

With miracle box mobile phone flash tool allows you to remove frp lock without attaching a sing file especially scatter file, but if your android mobile phone is running version 7 to 8 you need to get the custom boot file (da-file) it’s very important if you want to use a miracle tool.


Sp mobile flash tool is a small windows program developed based on a  Mediatek mobile phone repairing tool such as upgrading and updating, scatter files with custom boot file support.

it’s completely free without buying a dongle neither box, is running on all windows machines include Linux, ensure you have checked the latest version if you want to write a scatter file on the Latest android devices.

Once you have downloaded the entire sp flash tool and MediaTek USB driver install it on your machine properly following the screen popup guide.

If you’re a beginner on mobile service one thing you have to do is always read the flash tool instruction and follow them, avoiding interrupting while the tool on processing.


Generally, the sp mobile tool is running smoothly without attaching a box or dongle, the best thing you can do is ensure you have downloaded the latest version.

Certainly, if you have the latest version, and you want to write a scatter file don’t change the custom boot files use the one that comes with it, except you want to remove the frp lock use can add an authentication file and da file.

Any mobile phone technician knows about the sp mobile tool it’s a very important tool to repair your android devices without attaching a box and dongle.


Some latest sp mobile tool comes with authentication file while some sp flash tool comes with only custom boot file (download agent file) you don’t need to worry about auth file except you want to fix the death boot MediaTek android device.

This means the sp mobile tool can work without attaching an authentication file, what you have to do is download the entire zip file look for sp setup launch add a scatter file you want to write on the MediaTek device.


Sp flash tool is doesn’t work without any attaching or I should say adding a scatter file, because scatter file is the one you can write using sp mobile tool or other box and dongle.

in short, the sp tool is working after adding a scatter file, because the sp mobile tool was developed based on updating and upgrading including fixing some issues on android smartphones.


First of all, Download the complete sp flash tool zip file, second, you can extract using the WinRAR program to a specific desktop folder, the third click open the folder launch an sp setup exe,

after you have successfully launched click on add scatter file search and added, select download mode if you want to update the android device, select upgrade if you want to upgrade.


the sp flash tool has four options to select, such as download, upgrade, format all, format, but is suggested you select download mode, to avoid having some issues.

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Basically, you can download the sp mobile tool from here or through the official website here, the sp mobile tool is very important to update your android with MediaTek chipset is very easy.

Like I said sp mobile tool is very strong with the ability to fix issues on the android MediaTek chipset gadget, don’t format your, devices with the sp mobile tool except you know what you’re doing I mean if you are a beginner learn how to use it properly.


I may suggest you download complete custom from (firmware) then write on the android using sp mobile tool, you may use format with adders like that: open the scatter file with notepad :

search frp copy the address paste to sp mobile tool: ensure you have copied the whole two address complete: if you don’t understand well I’ll make a video tutorial on how you can remove frp lock with sp mobile tool.



whatever you want to write firmware with sp mobile tool ensure you have taken a backup of  NVRAM file, data file, complete backup, don’t write a wrong firmware using sp mobile tool it will make your devices not power on.

if have taken a backup of your old firmware it will help even you write the wrong firmware.

I hope you enjoy our ngbaze blog, show us some appreciation by sharing our article and writing the issues you face with the sp flash tool let me know in the comment section below. see you in the next article stay tuned.

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