How To Unlock MI Phone Password Without Losing Data?

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How to unlock MI phone password without losing data, firstly read the whole article am sure the tool we have provided will help you remove the password lock without losing data such as music and videos files, images, documents, include essential data files.

Read the whole article to learn about the MI phone password lock and how you can unlock the device without losing a little data. Reading the writing is good. You will gain a piece of more knowledge, and you can know how to use any unlocking tools.

To remove the password on mi phone you have to get the latest update flash tools, especially the dongle or box. Once you have it, you can remove it without data loss. The recommended tool is the miracle box or UMT dongle and cm2 update version. Once you have one of the flash tools I mention, then good to go, you can reset mi phone password lock easily without having to disrupt it.

Let’s begin to remove mi phone password with the miracle box update version 3. xx because it is powerful and has many features that almost support all MediaTek chipset android smartphones; with miracle box, you can remove password lock without data loss.


miracle box setup latest version 2021 free download

Miracle box is popular fuzzy logic technology, the best mobile phone repairing tool supported by thousand of mobile technicians. With miracle box, you can remove the password lock without losing data on Xiaomi Redmi include mi phone; once you have the miracle box and the leading mobile phone repair tool, everything is possible.

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Download the latest miracle box update one install on your pc, then attach connect the box, launch the setup, after launched, find a google micro USB cable, power of the mi phone. Select password, read the info, connect, click start on miracle dashboard, wait until the process is done.

Miracle Box Setup Latest Version 2021 Free Download.


Mysterious box

Mysterious gsm box is the newest mobile phone repairing tool supported all windows, comes with a lot of selected boot options include mi phone password removal without data loss and password read info, with many mobile phone brand supported, mysterious box mobile tool is almost free to download and read the instruction about how to use to remove password lock on any smartphone with features phones.

Mysterious Box V4.1 Tool Setup+Loader Free Download.


Follow these steps instructions.

  • Download miracle box latest version.
  • Find an excellent micro USB cable.
  • Launch the miracle box setup install on your pc.
  • Once you have done installed it, launch it.
  • On the miracle box dashboard, select password read info.
  • Connect the mi phone click read wait until done.
  • Put the password numbers reader you’re done without losing data.



Removing the password lock on MI phone requires the latest updated flash tools, don’t use the old flash tool, except the setup is an update both box and dongle; you can use the device I have mentioned above that might help you fix password lock. enjoy

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