How To Unlock INFINIX Phone Without Losing Data?

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How To Unlock INFINIX Phone Without Losing Data? Yes, you have three option methods; firstly, you have to remember your previous password code. If you have forgotten the following method, you must do a hard reset, but you will lose your data files.

Unlocking the infinix mobile phone without losing a data file is possible with three options, you have to think for a long time to remember the password code or pattern lock.

If you don’t remember the password lock code, then follow the other method. It’s hard-reset; you will lose all personal data files such as music and video, image, document, and attached files.

But you can use some of the latest dongles, especially cm2 dongles and hydra; there is a powerful tool you can unlock your infinix device without losing data files.

Hydra tool dongle is a powerful flash tool it’s supporting almost all android devices, MediaTek, and Qualcomm chipset; the flash tool dongle has many features,

including password unlocking and pattern lock resetting, writing stock firmware, read the info, and many more.

CM2 dongle flash tool is a popular on GSM service both android device and features mobile phones, with cm2 dongle you will able to unlock infinix smartphone device without losing data file,

Reset password lock, pattern lock, write stock firmware, Fix IMEI invalid number, Root, backup the whole firmware with reading the info.

To remove the password lock with the cm2 dongle, you must get the download agent ( da-file). If you are using the cm2 dongle to unlock a password that you forget is necessary to use da file without boot file cm2 dongle can’t open a password locked.


1. Remember the old password.

2. hard resetting.

3. using dongle flash tool.


if your infinix device is not running as you want and want to reset before that, ensure you have removed the Gmail account on the device through the settings.

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Take a note for Gmail information with a password that will help prevent google account activation lock after factory reset is done.


How To Unlock INFINIX Phone Without Losing Data

To make a hard reset on the infinix device after forgetting the password or some issues.

1. power off the infinix phone.

2. press hold the power key and volume up keys.

3. Release the keys after the logo appears.

4. you will saw the android logo press power plus volume up keys little.

5. scroll with volume key select factory reset select with power key button.

6. after successfully reset you wait for the screen to activate you’re done.



how to open an infinix phone if you forgot the pattern,Removing password locks on some infinix devices is very difficult; if you make some error, your device will stick or lose the mobile phone. To escape those issues, follow the instruction guide watch a video tutorial for more knowledge about unlocking infinix smartphones.

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