How To Unlock an iPhone XS Max With iTunes when Disabled?

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The best way to unlock iPhone xs max with iTunes when disabled, the answer is by downloading using IPWS firmware. And write using iTunes or 3UTools program. Also, You can reset the passcode lock and the iCloud activation lock and factory reset iPhone xs max.

iTunes windows software and mac os free download have many main features and are helpful; you can take backup of your iPhone xs max data files such as music and videos file, including images, documents, important data files.

If you want to do a factory reset of your iPhone xs max, ensure the phone device has a battery charge at least 50% above to avoid process destruction or disconnection; it will cause the device to break or not power on.

Ensure the iPhone xs max has a battery charge before writing the IPWS file, then check the model number before downloading an IPWS file. Or do it on Itunes; also, you can download IPWS directly from the official website.

iPhone max resetting a passcode lock is not very hard, but you need a good and robust network service like a 4.5g because the ipws file is enormous, so you need a good connection to download iTunes, the official website.

You can download iPhone xs max ipws file from iTunes or direct from the official website using an internet download manager (IDM) fast download, or you can use 3utools because it is very speeding on download ipws.

How you can reset an iPhone xs max disable means you have to enter many a wrong passcode, which causes disable screen lock: removing the disabled, you must restore the device using either iTunes or 3utool with ipws attached.


Most iPhone xs max has powerful security lock new before you do a factory reset, ensure you have noted your iCloud account details or signed out on the device to avoid iCloud account verification lock.

We have posted many iCloud account lock unlocking tools or bypass the iCloud account method using many tools, for iPhone or iPad,  is locked with iCloud verification;  Read the previous article for more knowledge.

iCloud bypass on iPhone on ios 12 to 14 with a free tool but using a checkra1n iso with a windows machine or mac os machine.

Try our new method to unlock iPhone xs max ios 14 devices, reset a passcode lock, disable screen removal, or open the iCloud lock.

Tools for resetting iPhone xs max are 3utools, iTunes, pass pad tools paid, tenorshare tools paid, Fonelab unlocker tool, windows and mac os support.


iTunes win, and mac is free.

3utool wins, and mac is free.

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Fonelab unlocks tool to win, and mac paid.

Pass pad unlocks tool to win and mac paid.

4key unlocker tool premium paid.


How to unlock an iPhone xs max with Itunes? Follow the instructions below.

step 1. download iTunes or 3utools

step 2. connect your device click download is.

Step 3. after downloaded an ipws on iTunes or 3utool will automatically start resetting.

Step 4. Wait until the reset flash has been done.



Get the latest iTunes software.



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