How To Start Your Web Hosting Company For Free

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Starting a web hosting company for free has been made simple, especially if you are an internet user. This is because most of your customers are on the internet as well.

Well, since you are looking to start your web hosting company for free. You must be looking for easy ways to get through that.

However, you need to know the normal usual process. You can then proceed to know the simple ways to get around it. If you are going to use the old fashion process, the following are the steps to take

Register a company: You are starting a legit business. So, you need to register your company. It gives you more credibility. You make it easier for your customers to trust and buy from you

Find Servers: After making your company legal, the next thing to do is to buy servers. There are two ways to do that:

– Rent
– Buy the servers and set them in a collocation spot

Each way has its positive and negative effect

Control Panel: You need to have this. Why? Because your customers must have the ability to manage the hosting service they are paying you for.

Also, you need to provide some kind of control panel. We recommend cpanel for that. However, you need to pay for this service beforehand.

Create an Account With Domain Name Register: note that before your company can offer domain hosting services. You need to pay for the service beforehand. A domain name registrar is a company that controls the reservation of domain names.

Going through the process above does not mean you will start making money automatically. You need to implement some strategies as well. They include;
• Administrator: someone that will look after the server
• Technical support: this is important because your customers might have questions. The administrators might probably be busy with other important needs. You need to hire competent people for this task

•Salesperson: you need a salesperson to close deals
• Marketing Strategy: you need a marketing strategy if you are looking to make more sales.
• Payment Solution: you need to do what’s convenient for your customers in terms of payment.

You might be thinking that this is a long process. Yes, it is. However, there are easier ways to start a web hosting company for free. The simple way is to start a white-label hosting reseller business. How do you do that?

Being a hosting reseller means that somebody has already invested in hardware, software and human resources.

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You only take advantage of their ready-to-use structure. In the best-case scenario. You’ll be presented with the option to build your brand. Meaning, you’ll be able to put your company name, your logo, and your company values.

Choose a Reseller Partner

Most reseller partners are usually in the form of affiliate marketing programs. Also, most of them implement good marketing strategies. They want you to choose them as your reseller partner. The bottom line is this. Ensure that you make your background check before investing. However, we recommend

Choose Your Brand’s Name and Identity

Do not overlook building your brand. That’s what your customers will know you for. When you are choosing a domain name, keep it simple.

Create your Account with the Chosen Reseller Partner

Once you’ve made your choice, you can go back to their website and create an account. You’ll have to agree to their terms & conditions.

This act substitutes the paper contract. Go carefully through these terms & conditions before signing up.

Create a Marketing Strategy

As stated earlier in this article, you need to implement a good marketing strategy. You need to know the things to do to make your buyers buy from you

Create a Website

Now you’ve targeted your customers. The next thing to do is to build your website. Your reseller partner might probably offer Pre-made templates. You can use it to build your website. Even if you don’t have any technical skills.


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