How To Remove iCloud Lock Free From iPhone 6 Without Password.


You can remove the iPhone 6 iCloud account,online unlock, without a password using a premium software tool or provide the original password. You have registered the iCloud account from the first time of using the iPhone 6 device.

iCloud account removal is compulsory to provide the original password before removing the account on the iPhone 6. Still, there is another way you can remove it easily without giving an original iCloud account password, as you have forgotten.

The premium software that can help you remove passwords on iPhone 6 without a password is 3UTOOLS, Tenoshare Reiboot, pass pab, UKsoft, and Dr. Fone.

All these premium software password removals are free while some tools are paid for, but I suggest you use premium software to remove iCloud on iPhone 6 without a password.

But suppose you want to factory reset your iPhone 6. In that case, you can use the Tool, which is free software working on all iPhone and iPad without having issues and supports backup of all your data, especially Music and video, images files, and documents.

Here is the list of premium and free software you can remove iCloud on iPhone 6 without a password list.


  • 3Utool software free Tool.
  • Pass pab premium software tool.
  • Tenoshare Reiboot premium software tool.
  • Uksoft premium software tool.



3utools make it easy to manage apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, and other multimedia files. Thoroughly view of ios device’s different status, including password removal, activation, jailbreak, battery, and iCloud lock remove status…



dr fone

Dr. Fone is the world’s first one providing IOS data recovery software and android data recovery, which has helped many people.

With 10+ years of experience, dr fone’s main features are data recovery, passcode unlocking, cloud removal without password, cloud activation unlock, iPhone ios upgrading, flashing, using an IPWS file, and support. iCloud status checking using IMEI numbers…


passfab iphone unlocker

With a Pass Fab iCloud unlocker, you can remove iCloud without a password. Also, you can bypass iCloud activation lock, data backup, Music, image, video, document, all multimedia files, windows support. Watch the tutorial video below.


Before removing your iPhone 6 iCloud account, online unlock, without a password, ensure the device charges like 50% above to avoid process interruption.

All the tools we have written here are free, while some are premium, but you can remove any cloud account on your iPhone without the original password you forgot.

Ensure your iPhone or iPad is has a battery charge, then find a suitable USB cable speed one.

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