How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner


How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner? the answer there is a lot of solutions to follow, either ask the owner of the IOS device iPhone or iPad, iPad, ICloud login details so you can remove it from the device, if he is not around, you can use free tools to remove activation lock without previous owner icloud account details.

Removing the icloud activation lock without previous owner details is not difficult. You can do it from the official website apple icloud login, then remove it on the iOS devices, both iPhone or iPad, another solution if the ios are running the latest ios version like 15. xx or 14. xx, you can use this method to remove the previous icloud account.

With this method, or I can say solution, you can remove icloud account activation without providing the previous icloud account login details, first jailbreak with checkra1n on windows or mac os, after successfully jailbroken the iOS device with checkra1n os.

Then Look for a free FMI off tool or premium tool, read the instruction, follow it guide, then turn off FMI; after tuning the FMI off, you can remove the previous owner’s icloud on the ios easily without having any issues or errors.

We have provided the free Tool for turning the FMI off on ios free without spending a dime include hello screen bypass and MDM bypass also with cloud information read info check Apple iCloud ID Finder Free Download Tool Windows. also check FMI off Tools almost the tools I provide are free to use on windows.


There are premium tools you can use to remove the previous owner account activation FMI off with especially Tenoshare 4Mekey support MAC and Windows,

Passfab is a popular premium IOS unlocker tool with a unique feature quick service; it helps you remove previous owner activation lock details, FMI turns off and removes the hello screen quickly, and the Tool supports Windows and MAC os.


Let me guide you on jailbreaking the iOS Mobile device with checkra1n os on windows step by step. I will provide the video tutorial to learn about jailbreaking the iOS mobile device because if you didn’t jailbreak your ios device, the free FMI turn-off Tool won’t work or process to turn off the FMI on your ios device.

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Step.1 first, download the latest checkra1n os complete zip file, unzip to a desktop specific folder, launch the Rufus program, load the checkra1n os find a good USB flash drive like 4GB or above.

Step.2 after successfully making a bootable USB flash drive, switch off your computer, wait until it is complete, turn it on, and press the F9 key if you’re using the HP product. Still, for some pc products, you can use the ESC key to boot option. After successfully entering the boot option in your computer, select a USB flash drive as boot.

Step 3. follow the screen instruction to checkra1n jailbreak successfully. After that, switch on your pc, launch the tool click FMI off. Wait until the process is done.


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Follow the guide. Remove Activation Lock from a device that’s not in your possession. Follow the steps below. If you purchased a machine that Activation Lock protects, ask the previous owner to follow these steps.


Before you begin to remove or sign out the previous owner’s icloud account on your device, ensure you check the battery charge percent 50% above required.

Most of the tools we have provided in this post are free, while some are paid tools, choose the one you like to work with; after that, let me hear from you which icloud unlocker you love working in the comment section.

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