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This tutorial will teach you how to put apps on your desktop windows 11. If you’re a newbie, learn all there is to know about installing applications on Windows 11 from start to finish.

The current Windows 11 operating system has fantastic enhancements and the most recent security, yet it is simple to install any software on it, as I will demonstrate.

If you’ve used prior versions of Windows, such as ten or eight, the capabilities of Windows 11 are nearly the same, and you may install any software you desire.

Installing apps with Windows 11 is simple, but make sure your Windows Defender is constantly turned on to avoid viruses or problems.

Any software downloaded from an external source, however, is scanned for viruses and minor errors by Windows 11 Defender.


You may download any application from the Windows 11 app store, as well as from external sites such as getintopc, filehippo, and other sources.

Any external software is scanned for malware by Windows Defender, but programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store are safe.

Step one. open windows Microsoft app store

Step two. Click download any app

Sep three, Installed on your machine

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Step four, click to launch the application

Step five, You can do the same with an external application.



As previously said, Windows 11 os has the most recent features, such as a new taskbar layout and new window styles, as well as new anti-virus and battery selectivity. You may download the whole Windows 11 os activation.


You may obtain the most recent version of how to put apps on your desktop windows 11 from our blog by clicking this link, and I’ve merely summarized basic information about installing the Windows program; if you want to learn more, visit Microsoft’s official website.

Before you start installing Windows 11, make sure your bios have the latest TPM and security version.

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