How To Flash Infinix Hot 8 Lite With PC One Click By Ngbaze


In this post, you’ll learn how to flash infinix hot 8 lite with a PC manually, I will provide all methods to use such as flash tools, stock ROM, and shortcuts using any premium dongle or box.

To flash manually infinix hot 8 lite there are certain guidelines you should follow, such as using a flash tool such as a dongle and box, also you have to learn each of the flash tools instructions gradually to avoid having issues with breaking or bootloader death.

However, every infinix smartphone has a different chipset, for example, MediaTek and Qualcomm, including CDMA, so you should first before you start flashing.

Flashing means fixing mobile device software problems including unlocking, google account activation lock removal, password, pin, and pattern unlocking.

There are many ways to flash your infinix smartphone, hard resetting and writing stock firmware ( flash file) you can write the file using a dongle and box but on the internet or inside this post I’ll mean some premium free flashing tools for all users.


  • Hard resetting
  • Writing stock firmwares
  • Unlocking
  • Updating
  • And upgrading through flash tools


As I said in the first paragraph, you have to check the infinix chipset and firmware id including model id, because flashing has risk involved, you must check any build number and model numbers.

Even if you are in a flashing smartphone sometimes you must get it hard to solve or fix some issues, anytime you want to flash your infinix device using a dongle or box include free tools, and ensure you have checked the build id and model number of the phone.

The easy way to check the model number using a dongle or any flash tool by reading the information, or you can check via recovery mode.

if you don’t have a flash tool with you and you want to check the build number and model numbers, is very important when it comes to flashing any smartphones.


The first thing, you should do is learn the process of flashing the phone and risk inside, with all material needed, besides you need to calm down while the phone is on writing firmware do not interrupt.

Let’s start, first get a computer a PC, next you have to turn off the antivirus because is causing an error while installing the flash tools materials.

After you have the PC, downloading the usb driver, whether is Mediatek or speedrum, is very important, next after you have downloaded it, if it’s a zip file use the WinRAR program to extract it to the specific desktop folder.

Next step, Get the flashtool, I know that infinix Hot 8 lite is MediaTek chipset, so I suggest you download the tools I will make a list because most of the are premium but free to use without activation or attaching a box or dongle, actually all of them are free tools.

Why do you need free premium mobile flash tools?

Sometimes you will face issues such as being out of cash or you don’t have the right way to make a payment for the tool subscription plan, they are a lot of technicians are facing difficulty in making payments for flashtool, that’s why I try my best to bring a free flashtool always.

You can download each tool I provide in the list for free and if you need you can support the developer in buying his product through the official website.

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but now download the free to that can helps you flash the infinix hot 8 lite MediaTek chipset or speedrum, after you have downloaded the next thing is to download the stock firmware ( flash file) and unzip the files using WinRAR software, to a desktop-specific folder.


In this step, you have to read the whole paragraph to avoid making a mistake, usually, many reasons make you want to flash the infinix device.

here are the reasons, Password, pin,  pattern, and hanging on the logo, takes a long before open, automatic power off, screen touch is not working, invalid IMEI numbers, unknown based band, etc.

To unlock the infinix hot 8 lite use the unlocking tool such as premium or free flash tools such as miracle box and cm2 dongle activated.

No need to write a stock firmware because of the password, pin, or pattern lock, what you have to do is hard reset the infinix by holding the side button keys.

Volume up button, and power button, once you see the android logo release all buttons, the phone should enter the recovery mode then select factory reset to wipe all data.

but you have to know that doing hard resetting should delete all internal data files such as music and video including documents, applications, etc.

To write the firmware on infinix, launch the flash tool, click on write, load the scatter file, then click the start button.

then turn the power off the device, then connect the USB cable to both the PC and infinix hot 8 lite. the tool should start writing firmware wait until done.


Check the list of recommended flash tools that can help you flash infinix hot 8 lite manually and you can download each of the flash tools for free by clicking the URL, the tool works without attaching a dongle or some box.

Mtk USB Driver For All Windows 11,10,8/7 64-Bit Free Download

Miracle Thunder v2.82 Crack Free Download By(Gsm x Team )

GSM Aladdin 2022 Crack V2 1.42 (Setup +Loader) Free Download

TFT MTP Bypass Tool V5.0 Latest Free Download

Download Free SPD USB Driver For Windows 10,8,7, 64 Bit


Flashing helps fix all infinix device software problems and makes the device run faster as you want without freezing or whatever, also flash makes the look new.



Learning a flashing any phone is very important and getting a flashing tool is greater, so you have to download any flash tool you have and always keep vising our blog ngbaze and support us by sharing our content around social media enjoy.