How To Check Airtel Nigeria Data Balance (Latest Guide) 2022


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How To Check Airtel Nigeria Data Balance. It is important to regularly check your mobile data balance. Especially in our current era of Airtel mobile broadband and 4G connectivity. Many people rely on high-speed mobile data for their personal and professional online activities.

Mobile data is a crucial part of using a smartphone. You can use it for plenty of things. Ranging from joining meetings on the go to ordering groceries or streaming movies.

However, failing to keep track of your mobile data usage can lead to inconvenient situations. It may be being stuck in an unfamiliar place without access to resources like Google Maps due to a lack of data.

For example, a 5-6 hour road trip may require around 300MB of data. This will be enough for activities like using Google Maps, staying connected online, and listening to music.

If you are an Airtel user, it is a good idea to learn how to check your data balance. You should learn how to do it in the Airtel app. This is to ensure you have sufficient data for your needs and to avoid any potential issues.

However, there are many ways you can check your airtel Nigeria data balance. They include;
1. Checking via Thanks App
2. Checking with the USSD code
3. Checking through their website
4. Checking Via SMS

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How To Check Airtel Data Balance Through The Thanks App

To check your data balance on the Airtel Thanks app, follow these steps:

1. Download the Airtel Thanks app from the Google Play store (for Android phones) or the iOS store (for Apple phones).
2. Register for the app. To do this, enter your registered Airtel number. Then, verify it with an OTP. If you are already registered and have the app, you can skip this step.
3. On the home page, you will see the details of your active data plan. It also includes balance and validity.
4. If you have multiple Airtel services, click on the tab on the top left of the “Manage” page. This is to access the data balance for your prepaid connection.
5. The “Recharge Dashboard” will show you the type of connection, your Airtel number, and the data balance. If you have done a truly unlimited recharge, you will see a “Daily Data Left” option that shows how much data you have left for the day.

Remember, you can also use the Airtel Thanks app to recharge your data plan and link your BHIM UPI for easy payments.

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How To Check Airtel Data Balance Using The USSD code

If you don’t have the Thanks App, another option is to use the USSD code. This will enable you to see how much data is left in your daily or monthly allowance. Follow the processes below to do that.

1. Click the phone app on your phone
2. Dial *121#5
3. Wait for a few seconds. You will be able to see all the details of the remaining data balance. It’s going to pop up on your phone.

How to Check Data Balance in Airtel from the Website

If you want to check the data balance in Airtel SIM from the website, you can do so as well. Just click on the following link:

You will be able to access all your Airtel connections from one place.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance via SMS

Click on the MESSAGE app on your phone.

Type status

Send it to 141

Your data balance will be sent as a reply to you.

List Of All Airtel Codes

1. 123# – Airtel mobile data
2. *566# – Airtel special offer
3. *888# – Missed calls notification
4. *123*10# – Airtel internet balance
5. *123*7# – Airtel SMS balance
6. *123*11# – Airtel 3G data balance
7. *282# – Your Airtel Number
8. *123*6# – Airtel night minutes balance
9. *121*1# – Airtel minutes balance
10. *123*10# – Airtel 2G data balance
11. *121*8# – Airtel 4G Data balance
12. *123*197# – Airtel Night data plan balance

There might be some hitches if you have a poor network connection. Ensure you stay active with a few processes listed above. The airtel codes are more than that. We only listed the ones needed for running our day-to-day activities.


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