How Much is Tecno Spark 8 Pro in Nigeria


In this post, you’ll discover how much tecno Spark 8 pro prices in Nigeria and some specifications for the device to ensure you read the whole paragraph.

Well, I’ll describe the price and some amazing features that implement inside the tecno spark 8 pro mobile phone also before you buy tecno product you need to ensure you know all device specifics then you have to make a purchase.

Another thing to consider is every Tecno mobile phone, has different specifications, such as storage capacity, and ram capacity including battery, camera megapixels, colors, design, Cpu capacity, etc.

Generally, Tecno Spark 8 pro comes with a low price in stock, so everyone can afford it, and the design is very unique, and smart design, with higher speed usage.

Tecno Spark 8 Pro is announced on May 2023 and comes with two types of amazing designs and prices, 4GB ram +64GB storage price is #66,000 while 4GB ram + 128 Storage.

Let me explain more about tecno spark 8 in the next paragraph, you’ll know the quality of the battery and higher capacity camera for both front and back, keep following me don’t stop.

Design and Colors

design and colors: tecno Spark 8 pro comes in different colors such as black, golden, and light blue, but the design is very unique everyone should love it.

well, any tecno smartphone has battery lasting quality but you have to check the details inside through settings or on the box written.

the capacity of the Tecno spark 8 battery is 5000 mah, long durability, day and night, which also means you have to charge the phone battery in less than one hour.

Ram and Storage

well, if you’re looking for a Tecno smartphone that has huge ram and storage get the tecno spark 8 Pro because it has every you need, the phone has 4GB of ram built in, and 128 storage.

all this capacity is inbuilt, also you can add a micro sd card of up to 1TB, another wonderful thing is that the Tecno Spark 8 Pro is now available in all Nigerian retailers.

Price range in Naira

very affordable price, like if your looking for a cheap and quality design and the price is sweet, choose tecno Spark 8 pro here the price range is #66,000 in naira everyone should reach any retailer which is near you, or you may purchase via the online store.

There are many Nigerian stores online where you can make an order for quick delivery such as Jumia and Konga, olis, kara, and so on.

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is your choice to select any online store where you can order for affordable delivery and fast shipping. Watch the video review below.

Video Review

Battery Long Lasting And Capacity

Well, Tecno spark 8 has a strong battery long lasting and durable which is inbuilt, the capacity is five thousand (5000mah) long-lasting, and processed for usability.

also, you have to charge the phone six hours before you start using it with the phone device because if you do this your tecno spark 8 Pro battery should last longer and better.

Visit official Tecno website Learn more

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Right now, I have provided some information about the tecno spark 8 Pro price in Nigeria and some specifications also why you should buy the phone, take your time and share our post on every social media you have, thank you.