Brand New iPhone Battery Draining Fast 2024

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    iphone battery draining fast

    Regarding the brand new iphone battery draining fast problem that the battery efficiency of the Apple system cannot be changed in the official version of 17.4 IOS:

    1. The battery data of all Apple mobile phones has been changed in versions below 17.4, and it will not be affected even if it is upgraded to 17.4.

    2. If the battery data of the phone has never been changed, and if the battery data is changed after upgrading to IOS17.4, the original data will still be displayed on the phone after the change, but the changed data will be displayed on the machine inspection assistant.

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    At this time, the phone needs to be flashed to solve the problem. Problem, select “Regular Quick Flash” when flashing because other types of flashing do not support “Repair battery health issues during the flashing process.

    3. It should be noted that due to system limitations, data will be lost when repairing battery health. It is recommended to back up in advance and then to do a “quick flash” repair.

    Please share the brand new iphone battery draining fast method on social media. thank you.

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