Easy Mag Blogger Template Free Download

Easy Mag Blogger  SEO Template Free Download includes documentation easy to customize, Google Adsense friendly, mobile-friendly, with a high page speed score [A]  it’s very easy to upload/install on the Blogspot dashboard.

The main features for easy mag blogger template are two-column of widget option by dragging and dropping also with social media optional, SEO setting is very easy to set up via Template HTML option.

Dragging and dropping widget/gadget is very easy also you can edit the demo code inside the widget it’s supporting only CSS with HTML code include some PHP code or you can navigate to customize option edit the color you want to use.

Step by step how you can set up SEO with an easy mag blogger template free what you need to do is first upload/install then navigate to template dashboard Edit add your description and main keyword.

Add/remove gadget on easy mag blogger SEO template with just one click, if you need to remove old w=gadget and replace new gadget, just click layout then add any gadget you want.

Easy mag blogger template contains a small size of less than 1 MB with documentation with attached CSS code.


Step 1. Download Easy Mag Blogger Template Free Download zip file extract folder to specific folder.

Step 2. Login to Blogspot dashboard click customize. backup/restore.

Step 3. Click on restore then upload the easy mag XML file. just a moment to fully uploaded then begin customizing.


Step 4. Done.


the importance of backup the old template it can prevent you from losing the old setup/customization. ensure you had taken the whole blog template if necessary with the post.

The backup should help on losing customizing with loss of blogpost backup is very important. but if your Blogspot is now no need to take a backup just upload a new template XML file start customizing the template.




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