Checkrain For ios 14 icloud Lock Bypass Windows 2021.

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checkrain iCloud bypass Reddit is checkrain ios 14 supported easy to bypass iCloud lock.

Checkrain for ios 14/13 is out you can download it can help you to jailbreak your device faster, it

also supporting ios 13.0 jailbreaking, you can jailbreak ios 13.1 it also supporting Linux windows

and windows 10 / mac os jailbreak your device very fast without trigger error with an amazing

feature, no checkrain disappears after jailbreaking your device, checkrain update is supporting.

a lot of iso device version, checkrain os is officially released you can use checkrain to jailbreak any

ios devices, checkrain it I’ll help you to bypass your cloud activation lock easily without having

issues, checkrain latest update is for bypass passcode lock, but you should use the tool.

checkrain is supporting iPad/iPhone device ios 14/13.0 you can use direct it on your mac os

device or windows 10/8/7 supported, checkrain os is supporting all device except ios 12/10

devices.checrain os you can make a bootable with small windows program is called Rufus it will

help you to make the bootable without having issues and is very easy to can also read

more iPad Activation Lock Bypass 


for bypassing icloud activation lock and passcode lock on ios 14/.14.0

for bypass iCloud activation lock and passcode lock on ios 13/13.0.

bypassing iCloud activation lock, you must use checkrain os to jailbreak your device.

checkrain is for only ios user not for android user, for passcode lock/ and cloud activation

lock.also you can read Tecno T371 Firmware


Supporting Mac OS windows.

Supporting windows 10/7/8 / Linux windows.


iPhone XR/x ios version 14.

iPhone 7/8/6s/8 version 14/13.


Before you start ensure you have downloaded a full checkrain os for jailbroke your device

and you need to find a USB flash drive also download Rufus software for making bootable.

Step1. Download full checkrain os for jailbreking.

Step 2. Download rufus software for making USB flash drive.

Step 3.create connection between your pc & USB flash drive > load checrain os click start.wait

until done. power off your computer plug the USB flash drive, press power on also press boot

key f9/f12, or ESC key on your computer keyboard. but if you using mac os, not windows you

can the checrain os direct to jailbreak your device.also you can read Tecno Spark 2 KA7


checkrain iCloud bypass Reddit.

The full file zip with Rufus is 49.0 Mb.

Free file 100%

Tested and trusted 100%

Download link below.

for windows below.


for mac user below.


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