Checkra1n jailbreak 0.12.2 Windows 10 64-bit ISO Free Download.



Latest download checkra1n 12.2 for windows iso 10 6bit checkrain for Windows 8 6bit/32 how to install checkra1n on windows. The apple tv,checkra1n download, supports ios 14 for a newly updated device with old ios version 13. The new version of Checkra1n is very fast on jailbreaking iPhone and iPad smartphone devices. If you want to bypass the iCloud activation lock, checkra1n could easily help jailbreak your device.

The new version of bootra1n checkra1n 0.12.2 supports jailbreak ios 14.3 and the upcoming ios version on iPhone, and iPad smartphone devices.checkra1n os for Windows you need to know for jailbreak the iPhone device with Windows to avoid crashes.

Checkra1n 0.12.2 supports iPhone x, iPhone XR, and other devices, especially iPhone 8 plus with iPhone 7 plus ios 14.3,14.2 jailbroke with checkra1n windows of support. Also, download Miracle Thunder 3.02.


Enable USB on apple tv 4K During normal system operation. Supporting ios 14.3 or higher.


Fixed A10 and A10 Device crashing when trying to jailbreak on ios 14.3 or higher. Fixed an issue where what loaded some launch daemon on a platform where they should not have.


Package manager at the moment checkra1n support installing Cydia. Support for another package manager. Including zebra and installer coming soon and is expecting soon.


iPhone x and iPhone XR ios14. or higher, including iPad devices. iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6 plus.iPhone 7 . iPhone 5 and 4, iPhone SE, and many more.


Take a backup of all your personal data files, especially music and video files. Pictures [image] personal document file including zip file using the latest file and much more.


Ensure you know about using checkra1n windows os for easy jailbroke your device, and you have to format your device using 3utool software to get enough storage for jailbroken.


First of all, you need to take a backup of your iPhone or iPad device. Then Download the latest checkrain for windows iso.

  1. download checkra1n 12.2 for windows os zip file.

2.Also, Download Rufus windows software, load a checra1n os make it bootable with the flash drive.

3.after making it bootable with a USB flash drive, then power off your pc, plug the USB flash driver power on your computer into boot selection, then select USB flash drive as windows boot.

4.wait a moment. After checra1n loaded, connect your iPhone device or iPad device click start.

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if you want to upgrade or factory reset your device, you have to use either iTunes or UTools but recommend using UTools because is very fast at writing an ipws file you can download, if you want to download IPWS iPhone or iPad flash file.

How to install checkra1n.



For the latest ios 14.4 checks, this article clicks here.

Download a bootra1n checkra1n 0.12.2 for jailbreaking the ios 14.3 or higher.

checkra1n windows 10.

There is new update for checkra1n for ios 14.6 supported we have uploaded download now also with free tool GSM support only NOT mied ios device Enjoy.

windows support.

checkn1x 1.0.6 download.

Updated with a free tool.

latest checkrain for windows.

checkra1n windows.

Beta is for mac os user only.

File size 100 MB.

Tested and trusted 100%


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